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Reef Fever is Arizona's premier aquarium servicing company. We have over 15 years of experience in the field of aquariums. Specializing is marine aquarium design, installation and maintenance. No tank is too small or large. We will design, install and maintain aquariums from one gallon to any size you can dream of. Our low price guarantees that you are getting the best deal in town! Show us a vaild competitiors quote and we guarantee that we will beat it! Contact us today for a quote!

We focus on a high level of sustainability within our industry. By utilizing items such as high efficiency pumps, LED lighting, and high levels of filtration, we are able to decrease the energy used in our aquariums. Reef Fever also purchases tank raised fish as often as possible. By placing tank raised fish in our aquariums, we are saving many fish from being pulled form our world's oceans. Also, fish that have been raised in tanks are more suited to aquarium life than most from the ocean.

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  • Baby Stingrays born at Kona Grill Scottsdale

    Published 8-31-2010
    Come into Kona Grill Scottsdale and see the new born stingrays. They are a small part of a large plan to try and aquaculture the fish within our tanks.
  • Join our Facebook group for special discounts!

    Published 8-31-2010
    If you join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter,
    we will send out special promotions for discounts at
    Kona Grill and Dannys Car Wash!

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What a great experience we have had with Reef Fever! Last year we acquired three preschools in the Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale area. We have always tried to use aquariums as a teaching tool for our students and upon taking over the schools we wanted to get aquariums in the schools....Keir Cochran Reef Fever has taken Kona Grill's aquariums from boring to beautiful. They have been servicing Kona Grill's tanks for a little over a year now and have provided us with nothing short of exceptional service. They are very quick to respond any of our questions and requests...Greg Snodgrass